Accelerate Into the World of Wireless Java Technologies

    Zucotto Systems Inc. is pleased to announce SLICE(TM) (Support Layer(TM) in Consumer Electronics) "To Go!"(TM), the first of the "To Go!"(TM) product family based on Java(TM) and Jini(TM) technologies. SLICE(TM), targeted at mobile multimedia and wireless Internet devices, allows developers to accelerate into the world of Java technology application development.

    Working with Sun Microsystem's (Nasdaq:SUNW) latest KVMTM early access release -- Zucotto has successfully integrated the Support Layer(TM) onto the KVM. SLICE will be available on popular microprocessor platforms, such as the Crusoe(TM) from Transmeta and Intel's (Nasdaq:INTC) StrongARM(R).

    In the handheld wireless device world, most products are based on proprietary "closed" software platforms. SLICE(TM) is the first product to provide an Open API to the 1.7 million Java developers worldwide. SLICE eliminates the need for an RTOS, and empowers developers with the small footprint of the KVM. SLICE significantly reduces time to market by radically reducing the integration period and equally provides dramatic cost-savings.

    Zucotto System's Support Layer(TM) within SLICE(TM) is spliced together with Sun Microsystem's KVM, for maximum speed and minimum power and uses only required drivers to connect the KVM to processors of your choice. The Support Layer(TM) has a footprint under 25k, and remains under 70k when bolted to Sun's KVM.

    According to Guillaume Comeau, Zucotto's Integration Architect, "SLICE is more than a small footprint -- it reduces time-consuming embedded development processes." To Turbocharge and Java-enable your wireless devices, just say: SLICE TM "To Go!"(TM).

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