BROKAT and Nokia team up to deliver WAP solutions to the financial services industry

Nokia and e-business specialist BROKAT, have formed a global partnership to deliver WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) to the financial services industry.

As a result of the initiative, businesses using BROKAT's e-Services platform, Twister, will be able to offer secure transactional services via WAP-enabled mobile phones. Services will run over the Nokia WAP Server.

The first beneficiary of WAP-enabled business applications is expected to be the financial services industry, an early adopter of e-commerce. Because of its dynamic nature, WAP is expected to become a key delivery channel for the secure execution of transactions on the move and the retrieval of ever-changing information, such as bank account details.

Banks will be able to provide mobile financial services, including balance enquiries and fund transfers. The partnership also allows development of further services such as mobile ticketing and sharedealing.

"Banking is changing more than any other industry," said Roy Smith, general manager for Northern Europe at BROKAT. "The arrival of Internet banking has changed customer expectations. Mobile services are just the next step on the road to full customer autonomy and self-service via electronic channels."

According to Gerhard Romen, vice president enterprise at Nokia Internet Communications: "WAP has become the de facto standard in mobile communications. Nokia's WAP technology is highly applicable to BROKAT's Twister e-Services platform. Therefore, we're looking forward to working with BROKAT to deliver reliable and secure WAP-enabled solutions to the customers in the financial services industry."

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