BulletIN Offers Handset Provisioning From Mobile Phones For New E-mail Users

BulletIN.net Introduces Elegant Hands-on Ability for Mobile E-mail Registration

    On the heels of its recent launch of the bulletIN Corporate product, BulletIN.net, Ltd will unveil the ability for Vodafone mobile phone users to register for the bulletIN e-mail service directly from their mobile handset in early February.

    Registration is a simple two-step process. All the new user has to do is send an SMS with a special provisioning code, followed by their chosen e-mail address, and press SEND. The network immediately provisions you and within seconds you can send and receive messages around the world.

    Mike Holland, BulletIN.net Managing Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa, said the benefits to users include not having to involve any third party communication. "One message does it all. Effectiveness and easy use are paramount considerations in the product concepts we deliver. The ability to initially access the bulletIN service from the handset is another significant and useful feature for both our customers and carrier partners."

    BulletIN-Vodafone partnership making it easier

    Richard Jarvis, Managing Director for Vodafone Value Added and Data Services, describes the new provisioning ability as fast and easy. "It's the simplicity and effectiveness that the customer wants and that's what BulletIN.net and Vodafone are offering them," he said. Since the onset of the Vodafone-BulletIN.net partnership in April 1999, the service has proved to be the most popular and elegant mobile e-mail solution available. Handset provisioning will also be made available to bulletIN users in South Africa and Brazil in the first quarter of 2000.

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