cdmaOne growing rapidly, but GSM still leads--while Bluetooth needs work says new wireless market study

According to the new Wireless2000 market study produced by Micrologic Research and marketed by Forward Concepts, the cdmaOne market continues to grow much more rapidly than GSM. The study says that shipments of cdmaOne telephones grew 166 percent in 1999 to 42.3 million units. However, GSM's head start in the market gives it a much larger presence and practically guarantees that GSM will continue to lead the digital cellular market during at least the next five years. GSM cellular telephone shipments totaled 125.6 million units in 1999, up 42 percent from 1998.

Wireless2000 forecasts that 254 million GSM telephones will be sold worldwide in 2004 compared to 180 million cdmaOne telephones and 48 million TDMA phones. It projects sales of the emerging third-generation (3G) phones in 2004 at 10.6 million in Europe, 6.8 million in Japan, and 6.8 million in the Americas.

Wireless2000 covers all important wireless markets in addition to the four chapters dedicated to cellular. It contains a chapter devoted to devices that rely on the Global Positioning System (GPS), another devoted to the market for cordless telephones, and one devoted to such data communications topics as wireless LANs, satellites, and Bluetooth. Wireless2000 claims the Bluetooth market will develop much more slowly than its proponents would like. According to the report's author, Micrologic Research's Jack Quinn, "The Bluetooth market cannot take off until it is reduced to a single, inexpensive semiconductor chip, and I don't see that happening before 2002."

Forward Concepts believes Wireless2000 to be the most extensive analysis of the wireless communications market available. The report contains over 200 tables, graphs, and figures. Wireless2000 is priced at $2,850 in North America for the first copy with substantial discounts for multiple orders. The report is available in both hardcopy and CD-ROM formats.

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