Centura Works with SAP to Help Deliver First Pilot Project for Mobile CRM Solution on Hand-Held Devices via mySAP.com

    Centura(TM) Software Corp. (Nasdaq:CNTR), a leader in e-business and Information Appliance databases and development solutions, announced today that it worked with SAP Labs Tokyo (NYSE:SAP) to help deliver the first mobile customer relationship management (CRM) solution to Japanese customer Wuerth Japan Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Wuerth AG (www.wuerth.com).

    Centura provided its award-winning Raima Database Manager(R) (RDM) on the Microsoft Windows CE operating system, which was seamlessly interfaced with mySAP.com(TM) -- the SAP Internet business strategy -- and adopted by Wuerth Japan. After three months of rapid development, December 1999 marked the first time that Wuerth Japan's sales force was able to access enterprise data via Windows CE devices at any time, from any place. This resulted in significant improvements in Wuerth's response time to its customers.

    "We were able to accelerate our delivery of this solution to Wuerth through our relationship with Centura," stated Thomas Shirk, executive vice president and chief operating officer of SAP Japan and head of SAP Labs Tokyo, which is part of the SAP global development network. "Centura's rich history of innovation coupled with their experience in developing solutions for Information Appliances will continue to help us produce next-generation solutions for our customers."

    By connecting mobile devices to mobile phones, Wuerth sales representatives have direct access to the SAP(TM) R/3(R) software solution, a component of mySAP.com. The seamless interfacing between the mySAP.com solutions and RDM on the Microsoft Windows CE operating system platform enabled Wuerth Japan to provide immediate service to its customers. This enabled access to up-to-date product, pricing and customer information, cached locally to allow offline access. More importantly, sales representatives are able to create and maintain customer data as well as create and track sales orders. Currently, dozens of employees at Wuerth's headquarters responsible for accounting, logistics and marketing are all accessing mySAP.com software solutions through application hosting via the Internet. The orders entered at the customer's site are then sent via the Internet to Wuerth Japan's headquarters, where the data is reconciled and maintained.

    "We are extremely pleased to work with SAP on the Wuerth Japan project," said Scott Broomfield, chairman and CEO of Centura Software. "The decision to work with Centura recognizes our 15 years of high-performance data management engineering expertise and RDM's proven track record for increasing productivity and efficiency, affirming that it is a logical choice in helping to extend the enterprise to Information Appliances."

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