CTT's Client, NTRU Announces Delivery of F@stWTLS-tm, the Fast, Low-Footprint, Wireless Security Solution for WAP

    Competitive Technologies, Inc. (AMEX: CTT) today confirmed the announcement of the development by its client, NTRU Cryptosystems, Inc. (NTRU) of F@stWTLS(TM), a fast, low-footprint wireless data security solution for the Wireless Access Protocol (WAP). F@stWTLS is an implementation of the WAP Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) protocol using NTRU's patent-pending public key cryptography system. NTRU indicates its cryptography operates over 100 times faster than competitors such as RSA (NASDAQ:RSAS) and Certicom's (Toronto:CIC) Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem at equivalent security levels.

    NTRU has also announced it will partner with HCL Technology America, Inc. (HCL) to provide solutions for the wireless data market. HCL will provide integration services for customers of NTRU'S F@stWTLS(TM) Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) product. HCL will also make available the NTRU public key cryptography system to its customers.

    CTT has provided NTRU with a suite of custom incubation services to launch the company - including patent filings support, interim business management, technical marketing and public relations. In return, CTT has an interest in NTRU revenues. CTT has also been instrumental in forging strategic relationships for NTRU in order to raise funding and secure tools and applications partnerships worldwide, including orchestrating a licensing and investment deal with SONY Corporation of America (NYSE:SNE) on behalf of NTRU.

    "We are quite pleased to see NTRU expand its new product line and market delivery relationships, said McPike. The relationship with HCL will provide clients with a complete wireless solution", he continued.

    F@stWTLS reduces device cost and increases battery life, said Jim Kotanchik, NTRU Vice President of Engineering. "By utilizing fewer gates and fewer processor cycles, NTRU delivers high security at a lower cost. We believe these benefits are compelling to everyone in the wireless data market, from manufacturers to network operators and consumers."
NTRU and HCL Partner

    "Companies building wireless data solutions need skilled engineering and integration services," said Scott Crenshaw, NTRU Vice President. "We are pleased to offer HCL's services to our customers. We can now deliver not just the best security products available, but the best engineering services, too. HCL is our development partner for F@stWTLS and is well positioned to be the integrator of choice for wireless data solution providers."

    "We are very pleased to partner with NTRU," said Raj Sirohi, President HCL Technologies America, Inc. "HCL has world class development teams skilled in the wireless data technology, including protocols such as Wireless Access Protocol (WAP). We are very excited about helping companies realize the benefits of NTRU's F@stWTLS, and can help them integrate and deploy their solutions quickly."
WAP Forum

    NTRU has also announced its membership in the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum. The WAP Forum supports the development of open standards enabling mobile users to easily access Internet information and services via mobile telephones, pagers, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other wireless devices.

    According to the WAP Forum, the number of mobile phone subscribers is expected to reach 500 million worldwide by 2003, and by that time 75 percent of all mobile phones will be Internet- enabled.

    "Wireless devices are the next generation of information access appliances," said Scott Goldman, WAP Forum CEO. "As the number of wireless transactions increases and as high-value content, such as music and video, is delivered with wireless networks, both users and content providers need security. The WAP Forum provides a vehicle for companies throughout the wireless industry to drive security standards."

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