DDI's EZweb and IDO's EZaccess with PacketOne Service Expected to Increase Number of Users by Offering New UP.Browser-enabled Mobile Phones

Phone.com, Inc. (Nasdaq:PHCM) announced today that Japanese network operators, DDI and IDO, are launching a CDMA-based packet service, "PacketOne", for their wireless internet access services EZweb and Ezaccess, both of which are based on the Phone.com™ UP.Link™ Server Suite. DDI and IDO initiated the EZweb and EZaccess services in April 1999 using a Japanese nationwide cdmaOne™ network. The new PacketOne packet communication service will be available on January 7, 2000.

Mobile phones, each equipped with the Phone.com UP.Browser™ microbrowser, will be available along with the PacketOne service and will include Toshiba (C301T), Hitachi (C302H), Casio (C303CA), Sanyo (C304SA), and Sony (C305S). These mobile phones will provide access to Internet-based information and applications and include the ability to send and receive email, and access nearly 200 content sites including news, stock information, weather forecasts, travel, sports and foreign content.

Commented DDI Executive Vice-president Tadashi Onodera, "Our international industry standard compatible EZweb service has been well-received by our customers since the service began last April. We expect that the new packet communications service will provide improved connectivity and enhanced convenience. Users will be less concerned about connection time since the service is charged based on the volume of information transmitted. The number of cdmaOne subscribers exceeded 3 million as of November 23, 1999, an increase of 2.5 million in the 7 months since we began offering the service. After starting the packet service we will make all cdmaOne cellular phones WAP-compatible, and therefore, we expect a significant number of users will use WAP services. Further, we will also promote our "Mobile & IP" strategy by a commitment to Electronic Commerce business through enhancement of transaction-based content. "

Mr. Satoshi Nakagawa, president of IDO remarked that "The combination of cdmaOne's excellent voice quality and the EZaccess wireless Internet access provides a high level of customer satisfaction. Introducing 64 kbps high speed packet communications service via cdmaOne-based mobile phones is an important turning point in our drive to create new service areas that connect mobile and IP communications. In the future, we plan to enhance the EZaccess service and the content of packet communication services and further strengthen the cdmaOne product line.

Phone.com executive vice-president Chuck Parrish said, "Phone.com is pleased to see DDI and IDO deploy world-leading data capabilities in their CDMA network and equipment for every mobile phone with a browser. 64KB/sec PacketOne service should provide rapid, global wireless Internet access throughout the Japanese market."

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