Digital Bridges launches at Cannes GSM World Congress

Digital Bridges, leading the field in the design and development of entertainment channels for wireless devices, is set to launch, the first Internet-based nerve centre for WAP-enabled cross-platform, multi-player gaming at the GSM World Congress in Cannes, France.

Located at Stand C74 at the show, running from Tuesday 1st February to Friday 4th February, representatives from Digital Bridges will be running live demonstrations of both single and multi-player games over various WAP devices throughout the GSM World Congress, with prizes and incentives on offer for those taking part.

Developed by Wireless Games, the games division of UK-based Digital Bridges, will feature a full suite of fun, high quality interactive games tailored to the various interests of mobile device users, ranging from simple quiz and puzzle games, to more elaborate multi-user gaming experiences.

A full array of news and information services will also keep consumers and operators alike abreast of the latest developments in games and entertainment channels for WAP- (Wireless Application Protocol) enabled devices, including mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants and the growing market for wireless games consoles.

Utilising the in-house developed content server platform, UNITY, the services developed by Wireless Games are available for the full array of forthcoming WAP devices, whilst implementing optimised features to make use of the unique functionality of each individual device. Working with both cellular operators and device manufacturers, this innovative technology will enable users to play against human opposition anyplace, anytime.

Games currently available for WAP devices include single player offerings, such as Quizcall, a multi-choice quiz game, Fours, a version of the classic, Higher-Lower, Follow Me, Tic Tac Toe, Poker, Black Jack and Fight KO while the ever-expanding list of multi-player titles available now and in development.

Looking to the future, Wireless Games is already developing larger and more elaborate, Persistent World-style games. As the technology of wireless devices advances, with faster transmission and retrieval of information between handsets, users will be able to fully immerse themselves into ongoing gaming environments, joining in and making new moves as they wish.

Staying ahead of the field, Wireless Games is already in negotiation with top developers and publishers from the world of computer and video gaming, with the aim of bringing the highest quality entertainment content to the wireless device market.

Fight KO was recently demonstrated live at the WAP Congress in Barcelona and, while the site has only been in a beta testing stage up to this point, over 3,100 users are currently accessing the site, playing a total of over 120 games per day.

To try out the games selection for yourself, can be accessed from any WAP-enabled phone, by accessing the website from your browser. Simply go to:, select Yes to New User and select No to Group Account. Choose a game from the list and get yourself on-line against human opposition from around the world.

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