e-SIM Developing Wireless Internet Access Platform

    e-SIM (AMEX:EIM), the leader in electronic product simulations for e-commerce and product development, announced it will provide wireless handset manufacturers with the capability to quickly and easily incorporate mobile Internet connectivity within their handsets, using the de-facto industry standard WAP.

    e-SIM's WAP Browser Component enables its customers to seamlessly integrate Phone.com's WAP browser with the applications they create using its RapidPLUS software, enabling manufacturers to quickly bring to market fully Web-enabled wireless devices. Initial adapters of this new technology include two of the world's leading cellular phone manufacturers.

    The use of mobile access to the Internet is increasing rapidly, and allows individuals to access email, receive information and purchase products from their wireless phones. With WAP becoming the de facto standard for wireless data transport, all major handset manufacturers are determined to add WAP browsing capabilities to their products. RapidPLUS with e-SIM's WAP Browser Component enables the manufacturers to create a virtual simulation of their WAP-enabled product on their computer, allowing them to visualize, test, and document their product, and then generate C code that will be embedded into the actual product. The generated code will integrate seamlessly with the WAP browser residing in the handset.

    "The introduction of this new capability further highlights our commitment to providing e-SIM's customers with the most up-to-date solutions for their highly competitive environment. The WAP browser component enables e-SIM to leverage today's exciting convergence of wireless communications with the Internet," said Ken Dixon, e-SIM Embedded Systems Division president.
About e-SIM Ltd.

    e-SIM Ltd. is a leading provider of advanced simulation technology for product design as well as Web-based solutions to the consumer electronics industry. e-SIM's proprietary simulation technology enables the distribution of electronic LiveProducts, "virtual products" that look and behave like real products, over the Internet or Intranet for web-based electronic commerce, interactive customer support and marketing. Using its proprietary technology, e-SIM will be launching its new Web service and portal site, www.livemanuals.com, featuring product simulations, animated walk-throughs of product features, and online user manuals. e-SIM's simulation technology builds off its RapidPLUS line of software products, which enables product designers and engineers to easily create simulated computer prototypes of electronic products that are fully functional, interactive and behaviorally identical to the manufactured products and systems. RapidPLUS offers automatic software code generation capabilities that significantly reduce the time to market for development of new products. For more information on e-SIM, please visit our Web site located at www.e-sim.com.

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