Ecliptic Systems, Inc. Joins Alliance Program

Ecliptic's Digital Plastic Simplifies WAP Site Development

    Ecliptic Systems, Inc., a technology leader in web development tools enabling wireless content delivery, has joined the (Nasdaq:PHCM) Alliance program as a tools provider.

    By working together with, Ecliptic will make its web development package, Digital Plastic(TM), available to the widest possible audience of WAP developers. Digital Plastic dramatically cuts site development time and simplifies the process of adding support for wireless and other Internet-enabled devices, while enhancing overall site functionality.

    "This is a great opportunity for us since we're all about enabling delivery of web content to as many different types of devices as possible," said Robert Sears, President of Ecliptic. "We view Internet-enabled phones as the real long-term winners for on-the-go Internet access, so we are excited to be working together with the pioneers of cell-phone based Internet capability."

    Digital Plastic allows site developers to separate site content from look and feel. With Digital Plastic, layout markup is no longer hard-wired into each page; developers create and maintain one set of site content and then define the proper presentation of that content for each desired class of device. One Digital Plastic-based site can automatically present an optimal appearance to desktop browsers, WAP devices, Palm VII organizers, and other Internet-enabled devices -- without requiring separate, parallel sites or advanced, expensive software development. Digital Plastic-driven sites can even recognize a cell-phone user's carrier and present a site customized accordingly.

    "We expect Digital Plastic to help drive the growth of WAP-enabled Web content," said Kathy Simpson, director of developer marketing for "Digital Plastic technology enables the kinds of sites that users demand today. Users want to see a desktop-optimized site when they are in the office, but they also demand wireless access -- to the same site, optimized for their phones

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