Eight New Members Further Strengthen Radicchio Wireless e-Commerce Security Initiative

    A further eight industry leaders providing solutions for secure wireless e-commerce announced today that they are joining Radicchio, the global initiative to unleash the potential of wireless e-commerce.

    Diversinet, Giesecke & Devrient, Mitsui, Redknee, Schlumberger, TC TrustCenter, Texas Instruments and Thyron join 28 other Radicchio members committed to promoting Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions for secure transactions over wireless networks.

    "The new members illustrate industry's demand for common PKI standards that make transactions over a mobile device more secure," said Stefan Engel-Flechsig, Sonera SmartTrust's contact for Radicchio. "In January we had over 300 delegates at our Wireless E-Commerce conference in London, all of whom are keen to reap the benefits of the mobile commerce revolution."

    Delegates at the conference "Wireless E-Commerce - Clearing the Road for Global Expansion" heard from industry experts from around the world on such topics as: providing wireless PKI based security in consumer banking, iMODE's experience in Japan, and new developments in implementing PKI. Plentiful opportunity for experts to informally share information and make personal contacts was an additional success factor of the conference.

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