Ericsson and Extended Systems form strategic relationship to deliver synchronization and management solution to Ericsson phone users

Ericsson Mobile Communications and Extended Systems today announced that the two companies have entered into an agreement which will provide mobile workers with the tools they need to directly access, exchange, and manage information between their cellular phones and personal computers. To initiate the agreement, Extended Systems will provide its XTNDConnect PC mobile data synchronization and management software to bundle with select Ericsson phones, the first one will be Ericsson's WAP-phone R320. 

XTNDConnect PC provides mobile knowledge workers with the ability to synchronize and manage information such as contacts and schedule between personal computers and Ericsson mobile devices. XTNDConnect PC supports synchronization of applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Lotus Organizer, Symantec's Act!, NetManage Ecco Pro, and Goldmine with Palm Computing, Windows CE and Ericsson mobile devices. 

Extending Information Management to Ericsson Phones The fruits of the relationship will be implemented already in the Ericsson R320, a high-performance dual band mobile phone with Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-functionality. Synchronization of the calendar in the R320 and a PC will be supported with the IrMC 1.1 open synchronization standard, as a world first for GSM phones. In-built modem and infrared communication capability make the R320 an efficient communication tool. With Extended Systems' synchronization technology it will be easy for consumers to freely exchange information between their Ericsson phones and PCs or PDAs and always stay up to date with the latest information at hand without having to input it several times into different devices. 

"Extended Systems' XTNDConnect products compliment the technology in our phones," said Jan Ahrenbring, Vice President Marketing and Communications at Ericsson Mobile Communications. "As phones become smarter, synchronization is a key component that will make information more accessible and manageable." Extended Systems CEO and President Steve Simpson said that the relationship between Ericsson and Extended Systems is significant because it shows how both companies are leading the charge in the mobile information management arena. 

"Extended Systems is expanding the traditional information infrastructure beyond personnel computers to PDAs, mobile phones and the Internet, while Ericsson is expanding beyond voice communication by introducing intelligent information management devices," said Simpson. "Whether customers need access to information to increase their productivity or just to keep in touch, they have to be confident that their needs can be met by one reliable solution."

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