Europolitan and Entra To Develop Mobile E-commerce

    Europolitan and Entra have begun collaboration on the development and marketing of WAP-related services such as SMS and computer-based services. "This collaboration will allow us to create advanced and secure mobile financial services that will enable you, for example, to use your mobile phone to do the shopping," says Nils Carlsson, Head of Business Development at Europolitan.

    The collaboration between Europolitan and Entra is regulated by two agreements, one of which addresses development and marketing of WAP- related services while the other regulates SMS and computer-based services. These agreements will enable Europolitan and Entra to create secure mobile solutions for financial transactions and financial information, such as stock trading and bank transactions.

    Entra is one of the leading suppliers of Internet solutions for financial transactions, as well as information services for the financial markets in the Nordic region. The company's clients include banks, insurance companies, players in the securities market, stock traders, loan institutions and finance companies.

    "The agreements with Entra considerably broadens our range of services. Entra has leading edge financial skills and experience, and this is a new area for us. Together we intend to create tomorrow's mobile financial solutions, " says Tomas Isaksson, President and CEO at Europolitan. "Mobile commerce is a priority area for us, and one we have great faith in for the future. The agreements are part of our efforts to make people mobile."

    The partnership creates interesting new conditions for developments in the financial markets across the Nordic region and Europe, as well as in various other industries where experience of financial markets is in even greater demand to help develop mobile e-commerce.

    "Europolitan possesses impressive expertise in the field of GSM and is at the forefront of new technological solutions for mobile e-commerce. Entra has spent 18 years spearheading the development of secure and transaction- intensive solutions for more than 250 customers in the banking and finance industries. Its cooperation with Europolitan should create tremendous value in the joint development of tomorrow's mobile e-commerce solutions," says Bo Nordlander, Managing Director and CEO of Entra.

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