Extended Systems and Motorola Bring Short-range Wireless to the Paging E-volution

Adding IrDA Infrared and Internet Messaging to Timeport P935, an Interactive Communicator

    Extended Systems (Nasdaq:XTND), a world leader in short-range wireless connectivity and Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT), a leader in the wireless communications industry, join forces to deliver short-range wireless connectivity and e-connect technology to Motorola's Timeport(TM) P935, an interactive paging communicator for mobile business users.

    The TIMEPORT P935's e-connect technologies combine e-messaging (word messages passed via the Internet or telephone dispatch) and e-talk (the ability to send messages to one-way pagers, to and from two-way pagers, and to most email accounts). The P935 is also a personal information manager (PIM), reducing the need to carry a separate PIM device. And, with the P935, users can "e-connect" to select corporate or personal databases wirelessly and access mission critical information real-time via an Internet link.

    Extended Systems' introduces short-range wireless connectivity to the P935 through infrared communications. The standard specification established by the Infrared Data Association (IrDA) is implemented by Extended Systems' embedded protocol stack. It allows users to exchange data between a P935 and other IrDA-compliant devices. With this feature, P935 users can share schedules and contact information with another P935, a compatible notebook or desktop PC, and a Palm organizer. Users can also print to select IrDA-compliant printers. With short-range wireless communications built-in, the P935 becomes an all-in-one communications tool with paging, wireless messaging, wireless computing and PIM functionality.

    "Motorola's Timeport P935 interactive communicator is an example of how IrDA capability can allow users to easily swap business cards, share applications and schedule meetings with others using select IrDA devices. Our relationship with Extended Systems can expand the possibilities our customers' have for wireless data exchange between mobile devices," explained Amy Kabcenell, Director, Distribution Marketing, PCS, Americas Paging Operations, Motorola, Inc.

    "Teaming with Motorola is a natural extension of our leadership in short-range wireless connectivity. Together with infrared software applications and hardware solutions, our embedded protocol stacks continue to fuel the growth of mobile information management by expanding the sphere of wireless connectivity," explains Steve Simpson, president and CEO of Extended Systems.

    This is the second in a series of agreements between Motorola and Extended Systems to introduce short-range wireless connectivity across Motorola's communications product line. It began with Motorola's L7089 tri-band GSM cellular phone. In this case, Extended Systems' IrDA implementation enabled users to exchange data and synchronize* phonebooks with other IrDA-compliant devices.

    Extended Systems' Role in Short-range Wireless Connectivity

    In the future, mobile users will operate several specialized devices to connect to and manage data. To do this, open standards are needed for interoperability between devices. IrDA infrared and Bluetooth radio frequency are global specifications for short-range wireless connectivity, endorsed by the leading PC, PDA and cellular phone manufacturers. Bluetooth relies on an omni-directional radio signal to connect multiple devices up to 10 meters apart (such as phones, PDAs, PCs, peripherals). IrDA infrared is the most efficient wireless means of making fast data transfers and establishing ad-hoc connections from one device to another. Together, Bluetooth and IrDA expect to revolutionize personal connectivity by freeing users from wired connections.

    Extended Systems develops portable, embedded protocol stacks, which enable mobile devices to exercise short-range wireless communications. In 1994, the company helped found the Infrared Data Association and wrote the original code for Object Exchange (OBEX), a file transfer model adopted by both the IrDA and Bluetooth SIG organizations. Extended Systems also utilizes its communications expertise to manufacture wireless PC adapters, docking stations, and LAN access points for the cordless office.

    Extended Systems has introduced infrared in leading devices such as the Palm III, V and VII, Hewlett Packard printers and handheld scanners and Kodak digital cameras. XTNDAccess(TM) Blue SDK, an embedded protocol stack for the Bluetooth RF specification, is scheduled for release the first calendar quarter of 2000

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