Finline Announces New, Low-Cost Solution for Broadband Wireless Internet Access

   Finline Technologies Ltd. (CDNX:FIN) is pleased to announce that it has commenced development of a proprietary, low-cost customer site transceiver for high-speed internet / data access over MMDS, LMDS, and ISM unlicensed bandwidth. Named the Finline "Millennium Transceiver", it will be priced significantly below any presently available product and is positioned to meet the demand in the United States, Canada, and worldwide by network operators and consumers for economical wireless internet access.

    The Millennium Transceiver is set to launch within the first half of 2000, and is specifically designed for two-way applications. The design is compatible with all major customer antenna formats, will receive digital or analogue video and internet 'downstream' data, and allow network customers to access the internet via a powerful 'upstream' transmitter. The product will also be applicable to wireless telephony and video-on-demand.

    The development effort is a result of leveraging Finline's existing knowledge and experience in designing and building MMDS broadcast systems and wireless components which have been installed worldwide, and the evolving requirements of network operators.

    "The release of this new transceiver represents an extraordinary opportunity to capitalize on the demand by network operators for a cost effective solution to offer their customers for two-way wireless data access. We see a large market in the US, Canada, and Latin America for this product over the next five years and we are investigating a number of alliance opportunities to further exploit this potential," said Einar Fiskvatn, President and CEO.

    "Sprint and MCI Worldcom have recently invested over $1.5 Billion US in MMDS licensees, representing access to over half of all US households, with the intention of providing high-speed internet and other interactive data services to residential and business customers. Each customer to these services will require some form of two-way transceiver," he further said.

    "Given the recent endorsement by a number of industry titans in the US and the upcoming new round of licenses to be issued by the CRTC in Canada, and spurred by rapidly increasing consumer demand and the growing requirements of multi-media content, high-speed internet access over MMDS is rapidly emerging as a major growth area. There are currently very few players that have a transceiver solution for this purpose," said Jonathan Carley, Director of Corporate Development.

    In other recent developments, Finline is pleased to announce that it has successfully shipped the first requirements of the previously announced turnkey MMDS system to HornAfrik Media Inc. for the city of Mogadishu, Somalia, including all head-end equipment. All shipments where completed on schedule and per the terms of the agreement with HornAfrik. Additional orders as part of the agreement expected to be received in the first half of 2000.

    Finline Technologies Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of broadband wireless systems, focusing on MMDS "Wireless Cable" solutions for the broadcast of video, voice, and high speed internet services. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Finline has successfully deployed its systems and components worldwide to operators in fourteen countries on five continents.

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