GroupServe Secures ForceNine Funding for Wireless Internet Groupware

    GroupServe Inc., the first developer of wireless groupware systems, announced Wednesday that it received angel investment from a group led by ForceNine, LLC, a capital firm for early-stage telecommunications companies.

    "Investors with foresight get it," explains Dr. Theodore Achacoso, GroupServe's CTO. "The next big thing is putting the Internet in your pocket. The next, next big thing is to make it actually useful. GroupServe makes the pocket Internet useful by providing on-the-fly, wireless group communication and collaboration for mobile professionals."

    In December, GroupServe launched its Palmtop version of GroupVine(SM), its premier web discussion service. The Palmtop version runs on Palm OS(TM) devices, Nokia Communicator, and Windows CE(TM) devices. Wireless groupware systems permit groups of three or more to communicate and collaborate productively utilizing any access modality.

    GroupVine(SM) provides asynchronous discussions to work teams, sales groups, and associations. GroupServe sees their GroupVine(SM) product as an integration of the best features of mailing lists, message boards, newsgroups, forums, and e-mail.

    GroupServe plans to continue its wireless track by providing GroupVine(SM) accessibility to WAP-enabled mobile phones this month. Voice access to GroupVine(SM) is also currently being developed using Motorola's latest technologies, and is targeted to be available by the end of the month. The aggregate investment of approximately one million dollars will finance these advancements.

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