JP Systems Joins WAP Forum to Support Wireless Internet Solutions 

Company's Web-to-Wireless Technology Complements Consortium's Standards Quest

    JP Systems has joined the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum to support the global adoption and acceptance of industry standards for wireless Internet technology. The affiliation means JP Systems will share its technical knowledge to advance the industry initiative while being exposed to evolving technology for future product development.

    JP Systems' membership demonstrates its focus to provide wireless data and Internet/intranet access -- regardless of device or network utilized -- to mobile professionals and consumers. The company develops Web-to-wireless portal data solutions that deliver information to handheld computers by connecting the organizers with today's two-way messaging and cellular phone devices and data networks.

    "Liberating users from their desktop PCs is one of the true benefits of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)," said Scott Goldman, chief executive officer of the WAP Forum. "The delivery of Web-based content to handheld computers, palmtops, pagers and wireless phones will carry significant appeal for both consumers and enterprises."

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