Maconomy to automate service industry business processes with Nokia WAP technology

Maconomy Corporation, today announced that they will use Nokia's WAP tools to develop solutions to automate the service industry. Maconomy plans to integrate Nokia WAP technology in their browser/internet based Timesheet & Expense ("T&E") report capture solutions.

The initiative expands the reach of corporate intranets, as it allows employees to access and update project information on-line, anytime, anywhere, using a WAP-enabled mobile phone. The initiative also includes the release of the first WAP-based Timesheet & Expense capture front-ends, for large service enterprises.

Nokia business development director, Bjorn Bagge says: "We expect that WAP technology will fundamentally change how service enterprises run their business. To be on-line, anytime, anywhere and be able to exchange corporate project information, truly improves the unique mobility requirements of the service industry."

Maconomy CEO, Per Tejs Knudsen, comments: "Our mission is to offer business software to automate the service industry. WAP technology is a natural progression after the success of the Internet. Being on-line with your corporate information system, only using a mobile phone, allows fast and accurate updating of corporate production data from employees working anywhere."

Many service enterprises, for instance consultancies, IT organizations, advertising agencies and accountancies currently exploit browser/internet based Timesheet & Expense ("T&E") report capture, as it supports the virtual nature of the organization. WAP based T&E data capture dramatically expands the flexibility and easy-access to the corporate intranet.

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