Mediconsult to Distribute Fitness and Nutrition Solutions for 3Com's Palm Computing Platform, Inc. (NASDAQ:MCNS) ( today announced the immediate availability of eight innovative fitness and nutrition applications designed to expand the health-management capabilities of Palm Computing(R) platform handheld computers.

    The interactive applications are a Mediconsult nutrition initiative. All eight work on the new Palm VII(TM) handheld computer, the latest wireless version of the best-selling personal digital assistant. In addition, four of the applications work on earlier versions of the Palm Computing devices. The fitness and nutrition programs can be downloaded from the Mediconsult Web site at

    "There are millions of people across North America focused on improving their lifestyle through diet, exercise programs and nutrition," said Timi Gustafson, director of Mediconsult nutrition services. "Making healthy food choices and keeping track of fitness is a real challenge for busy consumers. These tools already exist on the Mediconsult sites for people without Palm Computing devices. Putting the tools on Palm Computing devices increases the convenience and access to these award-winning programs for health-conscious consumers."

    The suite of eight Mediconsult applications consists of:

    - Body Mass Index: discover your degree of health risk related to weight.

    - Waist-Hip Ratio: predict body fat location and health risk.

    - Target Heart Rate: maximize the training effect of your workouts.

    - Activity Calculator: find out how many calories you are really burning off.

    - Fast Food Quest: compare foods from popular fast food restaurants.

    - Nutritional Profile: assess your daily calorie and nutrient intake needs.

    - Eating Right With Cyberdiet: find out what you are really eating.

    - Drug Database: get information on a particular medication.

    "We are pleased to provide Palm Computing platform users with innovative healthcare solutions," said Ian Sutcliffe, president of Mediconsult. "Mediconsult is dedicated to integrating fitness and nutrition information across our family of Web sites, so expect to see more services that make healthcare information even more accessible to users."

    The availability of the programs for Palm Computing devices will be highlighted across the Mediconsult network of sites. The applications were originally developed as Internet tools for ( and (

    "This is the kind of application that doctors would want to recommend to their patients so they have 'anywhere access' to a practical tool to help them reach their overall treatment objectives," said Dr. Beth Nash, Mediconsult chief medical officer.

    "We are delighted that Mediconsult has developed these eight innovative applications available for the Palm Computing platform," said Gabriel Acosta-Lopez, director of developer services for Palm Computing. "With the availability of Mediconsult applications, Palm Computing platform users can now have a centralized, easy-to-use healthcare resource to instantly access. These interactive software applications can help users make healthy choices in their daily lives."

    Mediconsult is featured on the Palm Web site ( as part of a health theme. The new Palm Computing applications from Mediconsult are available at (

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