Metricom Demonstrates the Power of Ricochet 128 kbps at ComNet; Industry Tradeshow Marks First Public Demonstration of 128 Kbps Mobile Information Access

    Metricom, Inc. (Nasdaq:MCOM), a leading provider of mobile data networking and technology, is conducting the first public demonstration of its Ricochet 128 kbps service at this week's ComNet tradeshow in Washington, D.C. (Jan. 25-27).

    "Unlike most future technology demonstrations, our Ricochet 128 kbps works today and is scheduled for nationwide deployment. The market has been waiting for high-speed wireless mobile information access that frees people to work outside the confines of their office," said John Wernke, Metricom's senior vice president, Marketing and Sales. "Ricochet operates at end-user speeds of 128 kbps, allowing people to effectively access information just as they would sitting in their office but from anywhere in coverage areas without being bound to wall jacks."

    Ricochet offers a mobile access solution that helps users replicate their office computing experience, accessing online company resources as well as the Internet from anywhere in coverage areas. Ricochet is positioned to capture a significant share of the growing mobile professional market with the fastest wireless data connection speeds, "always-on" connections, flat-rate "all-you-can-use" pricing, no metered roaming fees, and true mobility to 70 mph.

    These benefits are a result of the Ricochet architecture, which is based on a digital packet-switched network employing spread-spectrum radio frequency transmission and standard Internet protocol (IP).

    Ricochet is comprised of subscriber wireless modems, which are outfitted with small antennas that exchange data with intelligent routing microcell radios ("poletops") mounted to streetlight or utility poles. These poletop radios communicate with each other and local wired access points using a meshed frequency-hopping network architecture, which is interconnected to a wired local network and the national Internet backbone. Ricochet not only delivers high speed, but delivers it with high capacity to many users simultaneously.

    Ricochet will be offered to subscribers through authorized Ricochet service providers. Providers that sign up to offer Ricochet will be able to easily begin filling their customers' needs for high-speed wireless mobile information access -- without the delay and expense of deploying a new network, specialized equipment or sacrificing spectrum to accommodate data transmission.

    Also, the unique advantages of Ricochet's underlying technology mean authorized service providers will be able to continue offering flat rate prices in future years as the numbers of users and capacity demands grow.

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