Motorola Introduces Wireless Connectivity

Innovative New Software Upgrade Provides MAPI/POP3 Support And Software Developers' Kit For Easy Development of Secure Wireless Solutions

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT), a leader in the wireless communications industry, today announced the availability of the Motorola Messaging Server 2.1 software. This latest upgrade release will continue to enable the development of wireless advanced messaging applications for the PageWriter® 2000X, the TimeportTM P930 and TimeportTM P935(1) interactive communicators. Building on the success of Motorola's original messaging server platform, this new software upgrade couples a new third-party development environment with a Software Developers' Kit - allowing for the easy development of personalized mobile messaging client/server applications for Motorola's two-way messaging devices. This software upgrade can also support the linkage to an array of information sources(2) that include, but are not limited to the Internet, intranets, legacy applications and facsimiles.

In addition, with this new software upgrade, Motorola Messaging Server 2.1 users can take advantage of full MAPI and POP3 mail support providing encrypted remote access to both enterprise and personal ISP email accounts.

"With the Motorola Messaging Server 2.1 software upgrade, we are expanding our marketing opportunities. With it, we can offer our customers an array of viable mobile communications and connectivity solutions that meet their needs," explained Neil Eastman, Director of Operations, Platform Software, Smart and Connected Products, Personal Networks Group, Motorola. "With the improved open architecture, third-party developers will be able to create a variety of innovative wireless mobile solutions."

For example, Motorola's EmailVClientTM software, powered by the Motorola Messaging Server 2.1, enables users to set and modify their own server-based email message filters - giving them the ability to control which messages, and how much of each message, they wish to receive on their devices - reducing monthly network service charges (per character) and increasing productivity.

The Motorola Messaging Server 2.1 also provides encrypted support for Lotus Notes, Netscape Enterprise Mail, Microsoft Exchange and other IMAP4-based email systems.

The Motorola Messaging Server 2.1 is available now directly through Motorola. Further information can be found at or call 800-548-9954, Ext. 2.

The PageWriter 2000X, Timeport 930 and the Timeport P935 interactive communicators are built on Motorola's FLEX® platform software for data communications products, enabling it to be uniquely customized and upgraded by individual users, and support third-party applications. Through add-on software, they can perform a broad range of business and consumer applications, such as sales automation, financial tracking, medical information-gathering, real estate updates, weather and traffic updates, restaurant and movie listings and driving directions just by downloading compatible software from a desktop or notebook computer.(2)

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