E-volution Of Paging Take CES 2000 By Storm; Powerful New Messaging Tools For Wireless Mobile Connections

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT), a leader in the wireless communications industry, today introduced several new paging-based products, all of which enable mobile users to have the benefits and power of the Internet.

They provide e-messaging, e-talk and e-connect solutions to consumers, business executives, parents and college students. The Talkabout? T350 word message pager, and the Talkabout T900 and Timeport? P935 interactive communicators offer users a new way to communicate and stay connected, while on the go.

"The Internet has totally changed the way that we communicate. We want information and communications immediately and seamlessly. In consumers' business and personal lives, they are searching for easier, more effective ways to do just this, but without being tied to their desktops," said Amy Kabcenell, Director, Distribution Marketing, PCS, Americas Paging Operations, Motorola. "Motorola recognizes that the "world of wireless" and the web are converging -- and we are leading the way in offering the necessary tools that address this issue."

As more and more people surf the Internet for information and are online to send and receive email (reported over 87.7 million people in 1999(a)), Motorola is offering them the alternative of mobility. Armed with a portable email address, they can keep in touch with the outside "virtual world," in an easier way than ever thought possible.


The T350 word message pager, while compact in size -- about the size of a bite-sized candy bar -- is not short on features. Friends, family members and business associates can send word messages via the Internet or telephone dispatch. These messages are easily accessed on the one-line, scrolling display, which the user can stop and reverse the scroll at any point in the message to check important information. This new pager, which has a total memory of 1,600 characters, also offers Motorola's traditional user-friendly paging features, such as the ability to store up to 16 messages, as well as message timestamping, message lock, selective erase/erase all and battery back-up. The T350 comes in four hot-tech colors: Black, Razberry Ice, Aqua Ice and Mystic Blue.


The T900, which is a compact, interactive communicator that's about the size of a jumbo pack of gum, marries the benefits of email, paging and the Internet into one, handheld device. This small, handheld wireless unit equips consumers and young executives with "e-talk" functionality -- the ability to send messages to one-way pagers, to and from two-way pagers, as well as any email account. In addition, with the T900, users can request and can receive customizable information from the Internet via their wireless carrier, such as traffic updates, movie show times, restaurant listings, horoscopes, soap opera plots, sport scores and more(b).


Encompassing the benefits of both e-messaging and e-talk, Motorola takes communication to a higher level with the Timeport P935 interactive communicator. Ideal for the business user, this powerful two-way device, about the size of a deck of cards, enables users to send messages to one-way pagers, to and from two-way pagers, as well as any email account, and receive information from the Internet(b). In addition, P935 users can utilize the same email address as their enterprise email, enabling complete mobility and secure email functionality, without the need for a telephone line or additional email addresses.(b)

And, it does a whole lot more. The P935 is a full featured Personal Information Manager (PIM). There's no need to carry a separate PIM and a wireless messaging device. The P935 does both.

With the P935, users can "e-connect" to their corporate or personal databases wirelessly, requesting and receiving up-to-the-minute facts, figures and information from the web. And, with its infrared (IrDA) compatible port, transferring, receiving and exchanging schedule and contact/address book information from a compatible PC, other Motorola P935s, as well as other IrDA capable products such as Palm organizers, has never been easier. This unique capability also lets users send information to selected IrDA-compliant printers, and then print out the information while on the go! For the busy professional, the P935 is truly an all-in-one device that combines paging, wireless messaging, wireless computing and PIM functionality.

The P935 utilizes Motorola's operating system for data communications products. Its feature-rich operating system enables easy access to the wireless web, enables long battery life and offers a developer-friendly environment for customizing applications.

"With the power of two-way paging, and the capability of our newest products to work wirelessly with the Internet, we believe that the paging industry is entering into a new era. With these latest devices, we are taking the concept of paging from what it traditionally was, to an entirely new level, and setting the stage for the future of wireless communications," Kabcenell concluded.

The three devices are slated for availability early 2Q 2000 through major carriers, resellers and retailers nationwide.

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