Nokia Delivers First Phase GPRS Core Network Solution To Radiolinja, Finland

    Nokia and Finnish operator Radiolinja have agreed on a GPRS upgrade of Radiolinja's base station subsystem. At the same time, the companies signed an agreement for the delivery of the first phase of a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) core network solution to Radiolinja.

    The agreement covers the first deployment phase of Radiolinja's GPRS core network for commercial services. The key elements of Nokia's GPRS core network solution include the Nokia Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN), Nokia Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) and the Nokia Charging Gateway (CG). The Nokia GPRS solution has full support for all ETSI specified interfaces to the GSM system, resulting in a competitive functionality from the outset, including support for Short Message Services (SMS) over GPRS and support for all classes of GPRS-enabled mobile terminals.

    The deliveries will take place during the spring 2000. Nokia supplied Radiolinja with a GPRS core network solution in September 1999, with pre-commercial functionality.

    GPRS enables always-on Internet and e-mail services to be delivered to a mobile phone. The packet switched GPRS enables charging based on the amount of transferred data in addition to current charging systems based on time. At the same time, packet switched GPRS makes more efficient use of radio network capacity.

    "We are happy to provide Radiolinja with their first phase commercial GPRS solution. This agreement further reinforces Nokia's position as a leading GPRS supplier in the world," says Mr. Juhani Koivula, Area General Manager, Nokia Networks.

    "GPRS is an essential stepping stone towards next generation mobile networks," says Ms. Elina Pitkanen, GPRS Project Manager, Radiolinja. "We wish to develop our GPRS based data services, as at the same time this brings preparation for the next generation mobile services," she continues.

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