Nokia to supply GPRS and GSM network expansion to Netherlands-based operator, Ben

Nokia has signed a two-year frame agreement to supply its GPRS solution and a GSM 1800 network expansion to Ben of the Netherlands, under an agreement valued at approximately EUR 200 million.
Nokia will provide Ben with an expansion of its network subsystem, including mobile switching centres (MSC) and home location registers (HLR), as well an expansion of the base station system (BSC and BTS).

An extensive range of customer services will also be provided covering site acquisition, civil works, installation and commissioning of all network elements. Nokia will continue to provide full operations and maintenance service of the Ben network.

In addition Nokia will provide Ben with a GPRS system supporting fast messaging and Internet access applications in the mobile environment. Nokia deliveries for roll-out will commence in Spring 2000.

The Nokia GPRS solution includes the Internet Protocol (IP) core network infrastructure, the Serving GPRS Support Node, the Gateway GPRS Support Node, the Domain Name Server, the Charging Gateway, Router/Firewall and Ethernet switches.

As well as providing an essential stepping stone to third generation (3G) networks, GPRS is the ideal bearer for WAP applications. The Nokia GPRS solution also supports pre-paid for WAP based applications.

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