NowSpeed Takes Next Leap in Wireless Internet Services

Wireless ASP To Deliver Corporate E-mail, Intranet Content and Business Applications to Mobile Phones and Palm Computers

NowSpeed, Inc. today announced it is entering the wireless Internet services arena as an Application Service Provider (ASP). Founded by award-winning veterans in the Internet and communications technology industries, NowSpeed will offer busy professionals innovative wireless Internet services that allow real-time access to corporate email, Intranet content and business applications through wireless devices, including mobile phones and Palm computers. NowSpeed's suite of affordable, easy-to-use services will improve corporate efficiency, enhance enterprise communications and increase workday productivity.

"Mobile access to corporate content is quickly becoming a competitive necessity for businesses today," said David Reske, chief executive officer of NowSpeed. "However, most of the wireless content available today consists of general information such as news, weather and sports, rather than business-specific content such as product or technical information needed to help close a sale. NowSpeed is empowering mobile employees with instant access to corporate e-mail, Intranet content and business applications to be productive anytime, anywhere. This makes mobile teams more in-touch, more effective and gives them the ability to achieve higher client satisfaction."

"There have been many hurdles to effectively implementing wireless Internet technologies including the diversity of devices within a company and lack of business-oriented content - not to mention substantial time and capital to manage deployment throughout a mobile workforce," said Rob Friedman, chief technology officer of NowSpeed. "NowSpeed is partnering with industry leading providers of software and communications tools to deliver user-critical content and applications to wireless devices. Organizations don't have to buy all the software and servers, or hire and train people to run and maintain these systems. NowSpeed provides an enterprise-wide strategic wireless solution, from assessment to deployment, training and hosting."

NowSpeed Founders
NowSpeed founders, David Reske and Rob Friedman, are seasoned entrepreneurs with proven knowledge and expertise in Internet and communications markets and technology. Reske was the founder and CEO of Onward Technologies, an early provider of Internet marketing and business-critical Web-based applications for Fortune 500 companies. Computer Sciences Corporation (NYSE: CSC) acquired Onward in 1998 and Reske served as senior partner. Friedman was co-founder and vice president of engineering at Technically Speaking, where he developed Show N Tel, an industry-leading, award-winning 4GL development suite for the computer telephony market. In 1996, Technically Speaking was acquired by Brooktrout Technology (NASDAQ: BRKT) to extend its capabilities in voice, fax and data solutions for the electronic communications market.

Through its ASP business model, NowSpeed offers a practical, simple and cost-effective method for rolling out content services throughout an organization and its mobile workforce. By delivering this capability as a subscription-based service, NowSpeed enables organizations to leverage today's leading wireless Internet technologies while reducing capital costs for equipment, maintenance and internal support.

NowSpeed Services
NowSpeed services are ideally suited for organizations in a variety of industries with a significant number of mobile professionals, road warriors and telecommuters that spend a large amount of time out of their offices. International Data Corporation reports that there will be 47 million mobile workers in the US by 2003. Furthermore, Yankee Group predicts there will be more than 100 million U.S. wireless data users by 2003.

NowSpeed services will consist of a range of content delivery and consulting services including e-mail, content and application gateways as well as needs assessment, device selection and management. NowSpeed will commence external field trials of its services in February 2000.

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