Brings Email to Cellular Phones announces the immediate availability of the WAP Portal Cellular Central (TM).

    The innovative Cellular Central provides HDML enabled cellular phone (WAP) users with a comprehensive email and integrated messaging system.

    WAP cellular phones provide wireless Internet access and Cellular Central has taken this access a giant step further.

    Not only has Cellular Central brought the long-sought after ability to send cellular messages via the cellular phone to users in North America, but has also crossed the cellular phone email boundaries. This system provides users access to their personal and work-based email accounts via cellular phone. Whereas other email-over-cellular services allow users access to only branded 3rd party email accounts, Cellular Central users have the freedom to read, send and reply to emails, even if they require access to multiple POP3 email accounts. They send and receive emails using their existing email ID.

    With the increasing demand for friendly wireless Internet access, both business and personal consumers stand to benefit from the availability to access electronic correspondence, regardless of where and how. In fact, the concept for this technology materialized as the co-founders of recognized the need for farther- reaching cellular communication capabilities; a concept which has already been proven in Europe with SMS messaging.

    Despite the European advances in SMS messaging, Cellular Central is the forerunner in bringing cellular phone email access to all continents. Its fusion of messaging and email services has already created a great interest in WAP markets in various countries. The web site for WAP cellular phone users to connect to is and the primary web site for computer users is with documentation on using the cellular services is at

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