-’s Internet Division Joins Palm Computing’s Solution Provider Program -

The AlphaCONNECT Internet division of, which soon will be marketing its technologies under the NQL Solutions name, has developed a new capability for its soon-to-be-released Network Query Language (NQL) that leverages the mobility of the Palm VII by Palm Computing, a 3Com company (Nasdaq: COMS). Programmers using the language will be able to create and deploy intelligent agent-based applications from a Palm VII mobile computing device. These agents could perform various tasks such as retrieving information from web sites, completing forms, performing transactions or virtually anything that could be done over the Internet and on corporate networks by a human user. The company has joined the Palm Solution Provider Program and is planning further NQL development on the Palm Computing platform.

“We are excited by the realm of opportunities that opens up for us through this new NQL function,” said Douglas J. Tullio, chairman, chief executive officer and president. “Integrating wireless technologies into NQL’s total solution is important from the standpoint of making our technologies more accessible to larger markets. This function further increases NQL’s value to prospective customers and programmers through the versatility and flexibility of wireless programming.”

By combining technology from Palm Computing with NQL, users can access and control a server-based version of NQL with the Palm VII, without additional software running on the handheld device. NQL users subsequently can program NQL functions anywhere within the Palm Computing network just as they would if they were working directly on the server. The capability will be included in the first version of NQL available to the public, expected to be released the first part of this year.<

In line with the popularity of the Palm Computing platform, is investigating greater NQL development functionality with the Palm operating system. The company has also joined the Palm Solution Provider Program, which gives its members access to web resources, development information and tools, marketing information and opportunities related to the Palm Computing platform.

“The importance of our participation in this program is the value we will garner from Palm’s technical and marketing support, tools and resources,” said Denny Michael, vice president of marketing. “Since Palm accounts for more than 75 percent share of the worldwide handheld device market, our development in this area is essential for the advancement of NQL and its future market acceptance.”

NQL is a scripting programming language that is designed to streamline the development of intelligent agents, bots and web applications. Currently, the NQL developer package is in a pre-release stage and the company plans on introducing the full release version with pricing information by early this year. Agents in general are software robots, which can perform repetitive computing tasks for individual users and corporations, subsequently freeing users’ time to focus on more meaningful, productive activities. NQL-produced agents are often used to filter and personalize the tremendous amounts of information available today, especially over the Internet.