Prologic Announces Wireless Internet-Access Device Support for i-Wealthview Banking, Brokerage and Insurance

    Prologic today announced that their i-Wealthview(TM) enterprise wealth management products will feature capabilities for WAP (Web Application Protocol) and WML (Wireless Markup Language)-supported wireless Internet-access devices.

    Prologic's web-enabled software will allow financial institutions to offer their customers the ability to access up-to-the-minute balances and transaction details, transfer funds, pay bills and track investments, using wireless handheld phones, handheld organizers, palm computers and other devices. Prologic's Wireless Financial Management initiative further enhances their market position as the leading provider of Internet-enabled financial services solutions, globally.

    International Data Corporation (IDC) projects that 12.2 million non-PC, Internet access devices will be sold this year. By 2002, IDC anticipates the number of wireless Internet access devices in use to be approximately 55.7 million. With revolutionary advances in wireless devices being introduced by such companies as Nokia (NYSE:NOK), Motorola (NYSE:MOT), Qualcomm (NasdaqNM:QCOM) and 3Com/Palm Computing (NasdaqNM:COMS), and by software companies like 724 Solutions (NasdaqNM:SVNX), Prologic plans to leverage these capabilities to, in essence, create a hand-held financial management device. Support for WAP and WML will extend i-Wealthview's range of integrated delivery channels, to further enhance its e-banking, e-brokerage and e-insurance functionality.

    Mike Cardiff, President and CEO of Prologic Corporation stated, "Our customers look to us to help them deliver the best, and most innovative web-enabled financial services software products. With more than twenty virtual banks as customers, and with seven of the top twenty-five largest banks in the world also as customers, Prologic has a finger on the pulse of where the financial services market is going." Mr. Cardiff continued, "The high-net-worth individuals that require specialized wealth management services are the same individuals that are highly mobile and utilize Internet technology to help them manage their affairs. We are the only provider of wealth management solutions to support the `wireless lifestyle' of these high-value individuals."

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