Rand McNally's StreetFinder GPS For Palm III And for Palm V Organizers Win Workstyle Award At 2000 International Consumer Electronics Show

    Rand McNally's new StreetFinder(R) GPS for Palm III(TM) and for Palm V(TM) organizers were among the winners of the first official CES Workstyle Awards presented recently in Las Vegas at 2000 International CES, announced Margaret Stender, Rand McNally senior vice president, consumer travel solutions. The Rand McNally receivers were unveiled as the first cordless GPS units designed specifically for Palm(TM) connected organizers, offering today's business travelers an integrated, all-in-one mapping and navigation solution. StreetFinder(R) GPS for Palm III(TM) and Palm V(TM) organizers were selected as winners in hand-held navigational equipment from a competitive field of technology products exhibited at the show.

    "These Workstyle Award recipients represent the finest aspects of the larger trend in which people are changing the way they do business," said Robbi Lycett, CES vice president. "They are outstanding examples of the best and most innovative products that keep technologically savvy professionals productive anytime, anywhere."

    Winning products were judged on-site at the four-day CES event. Judging criteria included engineering quality, intended use, unique features, portability, ease of use, design and improvement to the user's overall workstyle. Featured judges included representatives from USA Today, Wired, and Home Magazine.

    "We're pleased to add Rand McNally's solid travel information expertise to the portability and convenience of the Palm(TM) organizer, thereby offering a comprehensive mapping and navigation solution for today's travelers," comments David Marsh, Rand McNally director of advanced technology. "The Rand McNally GPS receiver for the Palm III(TM) and Palm V(TM) organizers fits easily in your pocket, so you can take it with you - on foot, in the car, anywhere you travel

    System Requirements

    The StreetFinder(R) GPS receivers meet NMEA version 2.0+ standards. StreetFinder(R) Deluxe 2000 software is designed to run on Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95, Windows(R) 98 or Windows NT(R) 4.0 or higher. Users will need a VGA card and 256-color monitor, 16 MB RAM, 80486 PC or higher, double-speed CD-ROM drive and 125MB of available hard disk space. Palm OS(TM) 3.0 or higher is needed to run StreetFinder(R) mapping application on a handheld device.

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