REPEAT/Iteris Wins $1.4 Million Contract for Premier Wireless Geolocation-Based Traffic Information System

    Iteris Inc., a leading supplier of intelligent transportation systems, has received a notice of award from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for the nation's first wireless geolocation-based Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS).

    Iteris, formerly known as Odetics ITS, will serve as the prime contractor for the project valued at approximately $1.4 million. Terms and conditions of the final contract are yet to be disclosed.

    Teamed with leading transportation and communication companies including U.S. Wireless (Nasdaq:USWC) (Frankfurt:USP), Cox Interactive Media, Avalon Integrated Systems, Metro Networks and Etak, Iteris will develop and implement the Hampton Roads ATIS in the Hampton Roads/ Virginia Beach area of Virginia.

    "Drivers want and need information on travel times, as well as road incidents, which this project will provide through a revolutionary new approach using vehicles as traffic probes. It's a major milestone in reaching our vision of providing travelers with significantly improved real-time traffic and congestion information," said Ed Rowe, senior vice president of Iteris.

    The Hampton Roads system will function using proprietary data fusion software developed by Iteris. U.S. Wireless will provide Iteris with traffic flow data collected by their proprietary technology for determining vehicle travel times.

    That data, along with other information provided by public and private data collection sources including Metro Networks and Etak, will be merged and aggregated by Iteris. Cox Interactive Media will then disseminate the data over the Internet to provide the public with real-time traffic and congestion information.

    "Iteris is developing software to aggregate the traffic data we will receive," said Rowe.

    "Our software, Internet knowledge and expertise in traveler information systems combined with the data sources and communication technologies of our partner companies, has produced a new synthesis. By using vehicle probes as a source of information in conjunction with traditional sources, our design approach can be applied to almost any geographic area in the country."

    Initially traveler information including live video and up to the minute congestion reports will be available on the Hampton Roads Web page at Additional traveler information will be distributed through traffic reports on local radio stations.

    As the system matures, new media distribution outlets such as television, kiosks and personalized traveler information via Internet enabled devices will become available.

    "The Hampton Roads project is a significant step forward in VDOT's statewide traveler information system initiative. Along with Partners in Motion and Travel Shenandoah, the Hampton Roads ATIS helps inform travelers throughout the state about traffic and travel conditions," said J.R. Robinson, division manager of VDOT's ITS Division

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