Sierra Wireless and Infowave Sign Strategic Marketing Agreement

Sierra Wireless(TSE:SW.) Infowave(TSE:IW.) Sierra Wireless (TSE: SW) and Infowave Software (TSE: IW) today announced they have signed a strategic marketing agreement to offer a bundled enterprise wireless data solution to North American corporations - a wireless extension of Microsoft Exchange, wireless access to corporate intranets/Internet. The agreement outlines sales, marketing and development initiatives to be undertaken by the two companies.

    Sierra and Infowave will work jointly to provide seamless wireless data access to a host of corporate applications for today's growing mobile workforce. The hardware and software bundle includes the AirCard 300 - a wireless network interface card from Sierra Wireless - and Infowave's wireless enterprise software, Infowave for Exchange and Infowave for the Net. The agreement also involves the two companies working together on future product developments such as CDMA.

    The wireless bundle enables corporations to easily and securely extend their IT infrastructure and corporate applications to their mobile workers. Using Infowave's enterprise software and Sierra's AirCards, workers away from the office will be able to wirelessly access corporate information and applications in the same manner as if they were in the office connected to the Local Area Networks (LAN). This includes Microsoft Exchange, Internet, corporate intranet information and the latest generation of web-enabled applications such as Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning. Infowave's wireless enterprise products provide high-level security using industry standard NT authentication and strong data encryption. The products also provide network and application optimizations to significantly improve the speed of wireless access to enterprise applications.

    "We are very excited about the synergies between the two companies; Infowave's software combined with our AirCard line provides very robust performance and security for corporations who want to wirelessly extend their enterprise applications to their mobile workforce," says Andrew Harries, Vice President of Marketing at Sierra Wireless. "This joint sales and marketing effort with Infowave will help our customers in mainstream business markets to take advantage of the opportunity that wireless can provide them."

    "Sierra Wireless is a leading provider of hardware solutions for wireless connectivity and we are pleased that we are continuing to attract companies with technologies that complement our own wireless offerings," says Ron Jasper, Vice President of Marketing for Infowave. "This is our first bundled enterprise solution and we're excited to work with Sierra Wireless to deliver it to the corporate marketplace. We are also looking forward to working with Sierra on a new generation of wireless solutions."

    Both Sierra Wireless and Infowave are members of the WirelessReady Alliance, a program founded by Sierra Wireless that brings together leading computing and communications vendors in the development of complete and compelling wireless data solutions.

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