Socket and JetForm Partner to Deliver Wireless E-Processes for Microsoft Windows CE Devices

    Socket Communications Inc. (OTCBB: SCKT and SCKTW; PCX: SOK), a leading supplier of wireless connectivity solutions for handheld computers, and JetForm Corporation (Nasdaq:FORM, TSE:JFM), the global leader in workflow and e-forms, today announced an agreement to co-market wireless e-process solutions for enterprises adopting mobile computers powered by the Microsoft Windows CE operating system. Products covered under the cooperative marketing agreement include Socket's Digital Phone Card Connection Kit hardware and JetForm Pocket Form software.

    Socket's Digital Phone Card is a universal, low-power plug-in card that makes it easy to connect any Windows-based PDA or notebook to data-capable mobile phones made by Nokia, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Siemens and others, and to use these phones as wireless modems for location-independent Internet access. JetForm Pocket Form allows mobile professionals to perform data capture or initiate e-business workflow using a handheld personal computer. The software also gives mobile users the ability to populate a form with data stored remotely in client/server databases. The combined technologies from Socket and JetForm enable wireless, enterprise-wide e-process applications for a variety of markets including point-of-care healthcare management, delivery, sales force automation, field service, inspection and market research.

    In addition to the Digital Phone Card, Socket offers other plug-in devices that can enhance forms-based applications. Socket's bar code scanner cards for PDAs make mobile data collection fast and accurate, and Socket's Windows CE-compatible Ethernet adapters dramatically accelerate the process of pre-loading forms and data onto handheld computers when users are back at the office. JetForm offers a complete family of products that can help turn wireless forms into end-to-end, enterprise-wide e-process solutions.

    "The combination of Socket's Digital Phone Card and JetForm Pocket Form brings a new level of immediacy to remotely initiated e-processes," said Andrew Jackson, senior vice president of marketing for JetForm. "As a result, customers of this solution can realize reduced cycle times, improved customer service and sustainable competitive advantage."

    "We are excited to be working with JetForm to make mobile wireless solutions available to the enterprise," said Mike Gifford, executive vice president of Socket. "Electronic forms and e-processes are a great application for handheld PCs, and JetForm is the recognized leader in this vital market."

    "Socket and JetForm are well matched to deliver wireless workflow solutions to enterprise users of Windows CE," said Doug Dedo, group product manager of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. "By taking advantage of the Windows CE platform's use of standards-based I/O expansion and Win32(R) APIs, Socket and JetForm are enabling mobile professionals to have critical information access any time, anywhere."

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