Tadpole Partners with Espial for the First Rugged Java-Enabled Handheld Platform

Tadpole and Espial Form Alliance to Offer Espial Developer Tools and Internet Applications for J-Slate Ruggedized Industrial Handheld

    Espial, the leading provider of embedded Java technology for Internet appliances for the Post-PC era and Tadpole Technology, leading vendor of mobiles solutions for enterprise applications, announced today an alliance that will put Espial's tools and Internet applications into their J-Slate(TM) technology. The Tadpole J-Slate(TM), a diskless, rugged hand-held computer is a Java-based, industrial pen computer that allows mobile workers to run enterprise applications via wireless networks.

    "The strategic relationship with Espial and integration of Espial's products in our J-Slate technology allows us to expand our Java-based solutions and give embedded developers a jump ahead in their development cycle. Time-to-market pressures are driving our customers to increasingly demand both broader and more in-depth embedded Java technology," commented David Miles, vice president for business development with Tadpole. "The combined expertise of our technology, coupled with Espial's tools and Internet application suite, will enable us to better meet the needs of our customers and bring better products to market faster."

    "The power and versatility of the combined technologies is unsurpassed in the handheld market," said Mal Raddalgoda, director of strategic marketing at Espial. The Espial Architect RAD development environment enables independent software vendors (ISVs) and systems integrators to easily extend the J-Slate platform through PersonalJava applications for any industrial, commercial and military application. With the wireless connectivity option and Espial DeviceTop application delivery platform, J-Slate delivers a true total-cost-of-ownership solution - PersonalJava applications can be added and upgraded remotely onto the J-Slate device anywhere in the field.

    Tadpole J-Slate

    The Tadpole J-Slate is a diskless, rugged, hand-held pen computer that has been specifically designed for mobile workers in industrial or field applications. More cost-effective and reliable than conventional Windows-based pen computers, the J-Slate provides an ideal platform for mobile workers who need access to enterprise applications and data. With it's large bright color display and ability to run applications when disconnected or connected to corporate networks, the J-Slate is ideally suited to applications with a graphical content, including display of documents, graphics, images and maps, as well as presenting forms etc. for data entry. The J-Slate has configuration options that include user accessible PCMCIA sockets, integrated wireless, cellular phone, radio and GPS, as well as modem and Ethernet connections.

    Espial tools and Internet Applications

    Espial provides industry-leading platform-independent enabling technologies for Java-based information appliances. Espial delivers solutions that shorten development cycles, reduce time-to-market, and facilitate the development of device applications. Espial's tools and Internet applications, which will be included in the J-Slate, include, Espial Espresso, the industry's only lightweight GUI toolkit for embedded Java applications, Espial Architect, rapid application development environment for PersonalJava applications. Espial's Internet application suite is comprised of Espial Escape, the world's smallest full-featured PersonalJava web browser for electronic devices and Internet appliances, Espial Ebox, PersonalJava email client and Espial Assistant, PersonalJava personal information manager. Also incorporated into the J-Slate is Espial DeviceTop, an embedded operating environment.

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