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Create Customized Forms With IDG Books Worldwide's Official Pendragon Forms

    Palm organizers increase individual productivity by providing e-mail, calendar and contact management and more, but until recently they lacked the enterprise-wide applications that would make them optimal for corporate adoptions.

    In 1996, Pendragon Software introduced the technology now known as Pendragon Forms. Thanks to this solution for creating customized forms, Palm users can now use their devices as mobile data-collection tools. Companies can enable their employees to use Palms to take surveys, record inspections, track work orders, monitor customers, perform inventory and much more. In the new Official Pendragon Forms(TM) For Palm OS(R) Starter Kit published by IDG Books Worldwide (Nasdaq:IDGB), Pendragon Software executives Debra Sancho and Ivan Phillips teach users how to easily customize their Palm computing experience to increase productivity and usability.

    Going beyond the instruction given in the standard user manual, The Official Pendragon Forms For Palm OS Starter Kit is a combination of software and guidance. With step-by-step instructions, sample forms, ample illustrations and expert advice that is contained nowhere else, this kit will make a Palm device an valuable tool for increasing corporate efficiency. Readers will discover insider tips on:

    The Official Pendragon Forms For Palm OS Starter Kit comes with a 30-day trial version of Pendragon Forms 3.0 and evaluation versions of popular and useful software such as Bachmann Print Manager, WaveSynch synchronization server and MultiMail PRO

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