Telit and Tegic Communications Bring Easy Text Messaging to Wireless Phones With Integration of T9 Text Input

Tegic Communications and Telit, S.p.A. (formerly Telital S.p.A.) announced today the companies have signed a licensing agreement which allows Telit to integrate Tegic's T9 Text Input software for European and Chinese languages into its next generation of wireless phones.

    T9 Text Input enables the use of advanced wireless communication services such as SMS (short messaging service), wireless Internet access and wireless email by making text input on a mobile phone quick and easy.

    "Tegic Communications has clearly established T9 Text Input software as the global standard for easy text entry on wireless devices," said Simon Buckingham, founder and president of Mobile Lifestreams Ltd, a UK-based research and consulting firm. "Over the next few months, many tens of millions of wireless handsets are expected to ship with T9 Text Input software worldwide. As WAP, SMS and other data-centric applications become commonplace on wireless handsets, the number of T9-enabled handsets will grow exponentially over the next five years. The ubiquity of T9 Text Input on wireless phones and other wireless devices makes the input and retrieval of data quick and easy."

    "We are convinced that the products of the new generation will have all the characteristics that most of us want from a mobile phone: reliability and functionality matching a young yet sophisticated style. Telit is ready to satisfy market trends in a young, dynamic fashion with a product line supporting the communication services desired by the young and mobile generation. More than 4 million short messages per day sent in Italian GSM networks are a clear signal," said Otto Schweitzer, Product Manager of Telit.

    "We are pleased to be working with Telit and to integrate T9 Text Input into their coming wireless phones," said Don Davidge, vice president of sales and marketing for Tegic Communications. "By enabling easy wireless messaging, T9 Text Input will enable users of Telit phones to use their handset as a powerful communication tool."

    About T9 Text Input

    By incorporating T9 Text Input into mobile communications products, companies are solving the fundamental problem of how to quickly and easily type and send messages.

    Although each key on a telephone keypad can be interpreted in multiple ways -- a single press on the "5" key could be "J," "K" or "L" -- T9 Text Input uses an internal database to automatically scan possible variations to determine the correct word. For example, entering the world "call" into a mobile phone will take just four key presses with T9 Text Input rather than ten key presses required by conventional "multi-tap" text entry.

    Language Availability

    T9 Text Input is available in a variety of languages including Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. T9 Text Input supports Simplified and Traditional stroke-based Chinese, as well as phonetic Pinyin and BoPoMoFo text input. Work is also underway toward the completion of versions of T9 Text Input software for Eastern European and Middle Eastern languages.

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