The Internet Analyst News - Wireless ISPs: Cutting the Cord and Opening Up a New Market Segment

    The convergence of the wireless market and the Internet has created an online business segment with enormous potential., wireless Internet Service Providers. During the next few months, investors will get a chance at one of the first pure plays in this industry, GOAmerica (GOAM-proposed).

    Among GOAmerica's (GOAM-proposed) direct competitors are two private companies -- Wireless Knowledge, a joint venture of Microsoft (Nasdaq-MSFT) and Qualcomm (Nasdaq-QCOM), and OpenSky, a collaboration of 3Com (Nasdaq-COMS) and Aether Systems (Nasdaq-AETH), which develops wireless data applications, including online stock trading, for the financial services industry. INFOSPACE.COM (Nasdaq-INSP) plans to build on its wireless Internet services through the acquisition of

    Yupi Internet (YUPI-proposed), Go America (GOAM-proposed), Intex Information (INTK-proposed), (CSAV-proposed), (Nasdaq-IMGX), (MBUY-proposed), Blaze Software (BLZE-proposed) and (CBXP-proposed) are among the IPO Registrations between January 12 - 18.

    To find out more about this week's IPO Updates, read the article in's The Internet Analyst(sm),

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