VimpelCom Selects Nokia GPRS Solution for Mobile Internet Services

    Nokia and VimpelCom, a leading GSM network operator in Russia have signed an agreement for the supply of the Nokia General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) core network to cover the Central Moscow region.

    The agreement will enable VimpelCom to take significant steps in providing secure mobile access to the Internet, intranet and other IP-based services.

    Nokia will deliver the GPRS related base station functionality and the Internet Protocol (IP) core network infrastructure, which includes the Nokia SGSN, (Nokia Serving GPRS Support Node) Nokia GGSN (Gateway GPRS Support Node), Charging Gateway and IP backbone components necessary for GPRS deployment.

    "With this agreement, we will be able to offer packet switched data through our enhanced GSM network," says Sergey Avdeyev, VimpelCom. "Nokia's GPRS solution is ideal platform for the introduction of future technologies, to provide our customers with an advanced range of services."

    "Demand for new, innovative Internet related services is a growing trend that is driving mobile usage," says Petri Poyhonen, Head of GPRS Business Program, Nokia Networks. "We are pleased to continue our co-operation with VimpelCom, and with GPRS, this will enable always-connected IP access and further fuels Wireless Application Protocol based content services."

    GPRS offers instant packet-switched connections to data networks via GSM technology. In addition to allowing faster and easier Internet access, this continuous connectivity enables a variety of new applications, such as multimedia messaging, wireless corporate intranet, remote control and maintenance of appliances, and any number of monitoring or surveillance applications.

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