Wave Wireless Offers Free Wireless Base Station to Internet Service Providers

    Wave Wireless Networking announced a special offering for Internet Service Providers. Until January 31, 2000, qualified ISPs may receive a free wireless Base Station with the purchase of 3 Satellite remote units. To qualify, ISPs must agree to purchase a minimum of 10 additional Satellite remote units within 4 months of the initial purchase. SPEEDLAN ISP wireless Base Stations and Satellite hardware allow ISPs to own and control their own wireless network with low initial start-up costs and eliminate the need to lease lines from the local telephone company. Not only does the ISP receive a free Base Station during the ISP Roll-Out Special, but they also receive free factory installation and free technical training.

    Wave's SPEEDLAN ISP Base Station is an 11 Mbps wireless Base Station servicing up to 48 subscribers. Reaching distances up to 25 miles, SPEEDLAN ISP empowers the ISP to expand their subscriber base by providing wireless connectivity to a single residence or entire office building without dependence on the telephone company infrastructure. SPEEDLAN ISP SNMP management software, included with the product, allows the ISP to control bandwidth allocation, setting the wireless bandwidth to a fixed subscription rate (e.g. 128 Kbps, 512 Kbps, 1.54 Mbps). Utilizing Wave's CampusPRC protocol, the 11 Mbps wireless Base Stations can enjoy up to 7 Mbps of actual throughput, the highest actual data rate of any 11 Mbps product in the market. CampusPRC solves the problem of hidden transmitters and packet retransmissions not addressed by 802.11 compliant indoor wireless products. Using this protocol, up to 12 Base Stations can be co-located providing a 132 Mbps multipoint Base Station solution, servicing up to 576 subscribers.

    Installation services are performed by Wave's experienced Technical Services department, specializing in all types of wireless installations, as well as online and telephone support. This free installation package includes a professional site survey, frequency spectrum analysis, product installation, and one-on-one onsite training with a Field Service expert. The installation package is valid for the free Base Station and the required three Satellite units. Additional sites will incur an extra charge.

    Technical training is held monthly at Wave Wireless corporate headquarters in Sarasota, Florida. The two-day training consists of an installation and site survey workshop, network configuration and design, SPEEDLAN SNMP remote configuration software demonstration, spread spectrum radio frequency education, and a tour of the facilities. Attendees will have the opportunity to work, hands-on, with SPEEDLAN products. They will also be given specialized wireless product education to assist them in marketing and selling Wave Wireless connectivity solutions to their customers.
About Wave Wireless Networking

    Wave Wireless Networking, division of SPEEDCOM International, is a five-year-old multi-national company that manufactures and markets high performance wireless internetworking products. Wave Wireless' award-winning SPEEDLAN bridge/routers perform at speeds up to 11 Mbps and may be combined with other Wave products including T1/E1 & T4/E4 full duplex wireless modems to provide complete wireless metropolitan area networks. Wave's SPEEDLAN ISP series offers Internet Service Providers with strategic solutions for gaining rapid growth and market share by providing "last mile" connectivity between the ISP and their business customers. Please visit http://www.speedlan.com for more information on Wave Wireless Networking. SPEEDCOM International is an ISO 9001 Registered company.

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