Wireless Internet and Email Access Make Mobile Communications Easier Than Ever; Bell Atlantic Mobile Introduces Web Access Plus Service in New Hampshire

Beginning today, consumers in New Hampshire will be able to use an array of off-the-shelf applications wirelessly over the Internet, including sending and receiving email, surfing the Web and checking product inventory on corporate intranets. Bell Atlantic Mobile is launching a new service called Web Access Plus, on one of the most extensive networks throughout New England.

    Web Access Plus is now available in New Hampshire from the Massachusetts border through Concord, NH and out to the seacoast as well as in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. All consumers need to get started is a wireless modem for a laptop or a personal digital assistant.

    For as little as $39.95 per month, Web Access Plus users get access to the Internet and intranets, an e-mail account @airbridge.net (or use your own POP3, Domino, Exchange, or cc:Mail system) and unlimited usage anywhere within Bell Atlantic Mobile's extensive data footprint.

    In an airport between flights, in their hotel room, or on the sidelines of a soccer game, the Web Access Plus consumer can stay connected. Whether they are mobile sales professionals, or avid email users, Bell Atlantic Mobile customers now have the ability to capitalize on the convergence of wireless and the Internet, to quickly and easily add functionality and value to new or existing applications.

    Web Access Plus is based on the widely used Internet protocol, TCP/IP, which is inherently designed for the secure and robust transmission of data in short bursts or packets over the existing wireless network.

    With 40 million mobile professionals in the U.S. requiring constant access to e-mail, corporate intranets and inventory, and various on-line services, wireless data is a market the Yankee Group predicts which will grow from $1.8 billion this year to $13.2 billion by 2003.

    Bell Atlantic Mobile is a leader in offering wireless data solutions, including wireless credit card verification and point-of-sale applications, remote meter reading, access to criminal databases from laptops in police cars, wireless mugshots and wireless Automated Teller Machines over its wireless packet network. The company has close to 200,000 customers using wireless data, and also provides the option of flat-rate wireless access to the Internet from laptops, PDAs and Windows CE devices.

    "Data technology has and will continue to significantly impact the way we live and work," said Bob Stott, president of Bell Atlantic Mobile's Northeast region. "We have years of experience in the implementation and management of commercial IP networks. Most other carriers are just getting their feet wet when offering wireless data services."

    Unlike analog or dial-in data, where customers are billed by the length of time one is using the service, the cost of Web Access Plus is determined by the size of the data transmitted or received, measured in kilobytes. This means one can be "on-line" all day and only incur costs for the data actually sent or received.

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