Wireless Office E-mail! Now Hit the Road

    Web2PCS.com announced today the launch of Office-Mail2Go version 1.0. This new service is a windows based program, available as a free software download from the Web2PCS web-site at www.web2pcs.com. The application works in conjunction with your office exchange server, allowing a Web2PCS subscriber to forward their office desktop E-mail to any text enabled wireless device.

    Office-Mail2Go is a practical application for the business user on the move. By downloading the software, a user can enable this service from their desktop, allowing their e-mail to be channeled to the wireless device of their choice. This easy to use application has an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of forwarding your e-mail by providing three option categories: Network, Schedule, and E-mail. The Network input field allows a user to enter their mobile device number, their wireless carrier and the exchange server information. This informs Office-Mail2Go where to retrieve and send your e-mail. The Schedule input field allows a choice of delivery preferences. A user can choose the day(s) and time(s) they would like to have their e-mail channeled to their mobile device. The E-mail field allows the user to define the number of characters to be sent to the handset as well as set up filters based on Sender, Subject or E-mail body. This allows a Web2PCS user to define the length of each wireless E-mail. Additionally the filters stipulate which e-mails are important so only specified messages are sent to a wireless phone. Future versions of Office-Mail2Go will be released later this year incorporating new features such as calendar and schedule notification.

    "With Office-Mail2Go critical e-mail messages will never have to be missed again," says Raza Kamran VP of Strategic Development, Web2PCS.com." Office-Mail2Go is another intuitive application from Web2PCS that brings a user one step further to a wired free world, Web2PCS's world," continues Kamran

    At the bottom of every Office-Mail2Go pop-up page, there is an option for you to tell a friend. For every person you tell about the service, your name will be entered into a monthly draw with a chance to win terrific prizes such as Palm Pilot V's and Digital Phones.

    Office-Mail2Go is now available for download at www.web2pcs.com
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