Wireless Solutions receives breakthrough order for Bluetooth from Germany's largest distributor of portable computers

    In one of the world's first Bluetooth orders, the largest distributor of portable computers in Germany, RFI Electronic GmbH, is placing an order for wireless communication products for SEK 6 million initially from Wireless Solutions, which is included in the Allgon Group.

    The order is mainly important from a European perspective as RFI Electronic GmbH, which is the leading company within the Pan European group of value added distributors Mobile Partners International, which makes it possible for Wireless Solution to pass on its products to large distributors in Europe.

    "This is an important strategic order for us," says Par Bergsten, President of Wireless Solutions. "The order is the first piece in the European jigsaw puzzle which we will now fit together. The market for wireless Bluetooth solutions is as large as the number of computer cables which now exit all the computers, telephones and hands-free sets in the world."

    "We have examined the world market and looked for a supplier who not only talks about Bluetooth solutions but who is also able to show and deliver functioning products," says Walter Daguhn President of RFI GmbH. "For us, Bluetooth is a key technology for replacing cables to portable computers and, as the market-leading distributor of computers and solutions, it is important to be able to offer the latest technologies quickly."

    "The order refers to so-called Bluetooth for portable computers and the order concerns PC-Card (PCMCIA) network cards. RFI Electronic GmbH has 30 percent of the German market and we have received a letter of intent for an additional SEK 25 million. We see the order as a starting point for our global sales of Bluetooth," continues Par Bergsten.

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