Intel Corporation today announced an agreement with, Inc. (PHCM), a leading provider of mobile Internet software and services, intended to improve the performance and increase security of Internet-enabled mobile phones. Announced at CTIA Wireless 2000,™ will design its UP.Browser™ microbrowser to be optimized for Intel's Flash Data Integrator (FDI) software in order to improve the ability of a mobile phone to store and access larger amounts of Internet-based information while enhancing data management capabilities. The agreement further demonstrates Intel's commitment to optimizing wireless Internet devices. Mobile phones equipped with the Intel FDI-optimized UP.Browser should enjoy improved data storage capabilities, including improved cache, provisioning, and Internet application data storage. The enhanced microbrowser is expected to increase wireless phone security by taking advantage of such silicon-based fraud protection features as one-time programmable bits and advanced block locking. The arrangement, including the joint testing and system validation, will hasten handset manufacturers' time-to-market by reducing OEM porting and testing time. The UP.Browser is currently licensed by more than 25 wireless phone manufacturers worldwide, representing nearly 90 percent of the wireless phone market segment.

"This effort with will provide enhanced capabilities for cellular users. Intel's FDI and Intel flash memory are key ingredients in making the promise of wireless Internet devices a reality," said Ron Smith, vice president and general manager of Intel's Wireless Communications and Computing Group.

Said Jeff Damir, vice president of business development, "Our work with Intel's Flash Data Integrator software benefits both consumers, who will be able to store more information on their mobile phones, and wireless device manufacturers, which will be able to bring mobile phones with enhanced fraud protection to market quickly. We are pleased to work with Intel, the world's largest supplier of flash memory, on this project."

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