AirTouch Introduces All-Digital Mobile Internet Service in Albuquerque and Santa Fe

    AirTouch Cellular today launched Net Access, an all-digital service that lets travelers and mobile workers in Albuquerque and Santa Fe cut the tether to their desktops and remotely access the Internet, online services or corporate networks while on the go.

    Unlike other wireless providers, AirTouch's service is priced at the same airtime rates as voice communications. There are no additional monthly fees and no Internet Service Provider charges. Once the easy-to-use service is up and running on a customer's data-ready handset, Internet calls draw off the minutes customers already have in their monthly bundle, making Net Access both accessible and affordable.

    Users at airports, client sites or even the mountains now can send and receive e-mail, files and faxes; access their company's intranet; update contacts and schedules; and use the Internet to check a customer's Web site, monitor news and stock prices and review airline schedules--all without having to plug into a telephone line. "In today's fast-paced world, Net Access will help you stay in touch, manage information more productively and balance your life," said Eric Thorson, branch manager for AirTouch in Albuquerque. "Net Access users will be impressed with how simple and affordable it is to remotely access information from the Internet or corporate network while on the go."

    Unlike previous wireless data access services, Net Access doesn't require an expensive wireless modem. It works with new data-ready digital phones such as the Qualcomm 860 Thin Phone and the Samsung 850 flip-style phone. The phone, connected to your laptop with a simple serial cable (available from AirTouch), is all you need--the service requires no other hardware or special software.

    Net Access provides a speedier and much more reliable connection than older analog-based wireless services and is more than adequate for text-based applications such as e-mail or most Web browsing.

    In addition, Net Access connects you directly to the Internet exceptionally fast--typically in less than 10 seconds compared to as much as 30 seconds for dial-up access from your desktop.

    "With its promise of broad geographic coverage, Net Access will be an invaluable tool for many professionals and business people who can't afford to wait to access vital information," said Andrew Seybold, mobile communications analyst and publisher of Andrew Seybold's Outlook. "The service is affordable, easy to use, and will set customers free from the tether of telephone lines while they're on the go."

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