Aspiro Establishes Aspiro Ventures

    Aspiro today announces plans to establish a wholly owned subsidiary; Aspiro Ventures. The goal of Aspiro Ventures is to provide financial and industrial support for new wireless products and small entrepreneurs in the area of mobile Internet technology.

    Aspiro possesses the technical expertise and knowledge of global mobile Internet markets to help small entrepreneurs realize their ideas and become commercially successful. In addition, the company can provide the practical advantage of early product testing in Scandinavia, the world's most mature mobile Internet market.

    "Unlike traditional risk capital companies the goal of Aspiro Ventures is to provide long-term technical support to new wireless products it believes in and build long-term relations with small entrepreneurs who perhaps have a good idea but lack the knowledge of how to bring it to the market. The benefits for Aspiro are early access to innovative wireless products and solutions, and an opportunity later to incorporate the results into the Aspiro group," says Christer Mansson, newly appointed CEO of Aspiro Ventures.

    The decision to establish the new subsidiary was mainly taken in response to the overwhelming number of inquiries Aspiro has received from external parties eager both to collaborate with the company and draw on its expertise in launching new wireless products into the market. Moreover, the new company will give Aspiro the opportunity to benefit fully from the extensive network of contacts it has built up over many years in the mobile telecommunications industry.

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