Baltimore Technologies & Partners Make Secure Mobile Commerce a Reality

Over 20 partners announce their co-operation with Baltimore, building solutions around the Baltimore Telepathy open framework for wireless e|Security

Baltimore Technologies (NASDAQ:BALT;London:BLM), a global leader in e-security solutions, announced as part of the Baltimore Telepathy initiative, its wireless e-security partner program with over 20 active members worldwide. These mobile commerce partners are at the leading edge of wireless and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) applications, developing solutions using security from the Baltimore Telepathy product range.

Baltimore Telepathy is a wireless e-security initiative comprising of products, partners and solutions to deliver a complete e-security framework for secure mobile commerce. Baltimore Technologies is working closely with its Telepathy partner network to drive the next phase of e-commerce to enable secure Internet transactions over mobile devices. Security is a vital component for all mobile commerce transactions providing the required levels of confidentiality and authentication for applications such as online reservations, Internet banking and web shopping.

Baltimore Telepathy partners include world leading wireless and mobile commerce companies such as 724 Solutions, Brokat, Certicom, CMG Telecommunications, Gemplus, Infinite Technologies, Jinny Software, Logica, Oberthur Card Systems and Sonera SmartTrust. At Baltimore's worldwide secure mobile commerce seminar series, Telepathy partners will be demonstrating real world applications of secure wireless transactions. More information is available at

"The speed at which our partners are able to integrate security into their wireless offerings demonstrates the flexibility of Baltimore Telepathy and pace of the mobile commerce marketplace," commented John Fallon, Director of Technical Market Development at Baltimore.

Baltimore Telepathy partners range from system integrators to application developers who are at the leading edge of providing secure WAP enabled solutions. The Baltimore Telepathy wireless e-security product suite offers partners a range of flexible, PKI-based security solutions to ensure the availability of secure mobile commerce applications.

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