BrainDock to Launch Portal to Provide Information and Services for Wireless Devices and WAP Mobile Phones, the ecommerce service provider for the mobile technology sector, today announced a new service to deliver content and applications to WAP enabled smart phones and other wireless information devices. will serve as a wireless Application Service Provider (wASP), providing a complementary suite of services to BrainDock's existing electronic software distribution business.

    "Software is increasingly becoming a service" comments Jonathan Glaser, CEO BrainDock Inc.," and the BrainDock business model supports this market evolution. It requires new solutions for subscription revenues and Internet access rather than download transactions. This is an opportunity for developers to work with us to convert their software to Internet applications for access by WAP microbrowsers." Glaser extended this invitation to developers at the Symbian Developer Conference in Santa Clara.

    Launching in May 2000, will provide a broad spectrum of content and services to wireless device users. Content channels will include news, weather, sports scores, flight information, yellow and white pages, restaurant menus, driving instructions and package tracking at Federal Express, UPS, and Airborne. Intelligent 'push' features such as stock price trigger alerts will be included as will on-the-spot Internet price referencing for comparison shopping.

    Today, BrainDock enjoys a dominant position in the Symbian software market, powering 85% of e-commerce sites worldwide selling Symbian software downloads. This guarantees developers using BrainDock distribution services a high level of mobile ecommerce traffic in Europe. does not sell to consumers directly, but provides e-tailers with the tools to build online storefronts and a choice of products to full the store. BrainDock performs transaction processing, credit card validation and provides a secure download. Strategic member e-tailers include Psion PLC, Widget Software Ltd.,, 21store, Palmtop Italia, and Azimuth.

    The launch of will provide developers with another avenue to bring their value-added offerings to market, providing e-tailers with a broader audience for sales of products and services.

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