BulletIN.net Simplifies Provisioning and Operation of E-mail by Mobile Phone

    BulletIN.net, a developer and global supplier of wireless Internet messaging products, announced today new capabilities for its bulletINTM E-mail service that make mobile phone e-mail even more useful and easier. A bulletIN user can now set up a mobile e-mail account with a single automated connection, originate e-mails to individuals or groups using stored e-mail addresses, and forward file attachments to e-mail recipients, all through a normal digital mobile phone.

    The bulletIN E-mail service is already recognized as the world's most usable means to stay in touch with e-mail without having to find a connection for a notebook computer, dial in, and pay long distance charges. With the new "Over-the-air Provisioning" capability, a new subscriber can automatically self register a mobile phone by sending an SMS with a special provisioning code and a chosen e-mail address, and begin sending and receiving messages worldwide.

    Additional bulletIN enhancements help users more easily manage e-mail operations. The new Quick Messaging feature stores frequently used e-mail addresses for one-button message addressing, much like speed dialing on a telephone. The new Group List feature extends one-button addressing to a defined group such as a department or a management team. The new Forward Attachment feature enables a user to forward an e-mail attachment, such as a word processing document or spreadsheet, to a convenient PC for printing or access while traveling.

    "Along with being truly useful, any solution for e-mail to mobile phones must be thoroughly usable," says Marlin Nelson, BulletIN.net president. "This new re lease reflects our commitment to simplify wherever possible, even as we bolster the capabilities of bulletIN."

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