Cabletron Systems and NEC Demonstrate Leading Wireless Solutions At the Windows 2000 Expo

    Cabletron Systems (NYSE:CS) and NEC Computers Inc. today announced that the two companies will demonstrate reliable, high-speed wireless LAN solutions for the enterprise and home markets at the Windows 2000 Expo. At the event, which takes place February 15-17 at The Moscone Center in San Francisco, Cabletron and NEC Computers will showcase the benefits of wireless LAN technology, including flexibility, ease-of-use, and performance for powering advanced applications running from Microsoft's Windows 2000 platform.

    "NEC Computers is pleased to be working with Cabletron to deliver wireless connectivity to our customers," said Stephen Blanchette, vice president of the Server Business Unit for NEC Computers Inc. "Today, corporate customers are demanding more and more flexibility from their computers and network solutions. Ultimately, increased mobility in the workforce can improve productivity, which may translate into higher revenue for fast-growing companies."

    Combining its vast expertise in enterprise networking and wireless technology, Cabletron makes using wireless communications virtually effortless with the company's RoamAbout(TM) family of wireless LAN solutions. Powerful capabilities embedded in the RoamAbout enable unlimited mobility across multiple LANs. Users can freely "roam" via continuous wireless connections to the wired network while they work, increasing employee productivity and collaboration while simultaneously reducing costs.

    Recently, Cabletron's RoamAbout received "Tolly Verified" certification at The Tolly Group's Wireless Solutions Proving Ground at ComNet 2000 in Washington, D.C. (See related press release dated January 24, 2000.)

    "Cabletron is proud to partner with NEC to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of wireless LAN technology," said Andrew Feldman, senior director of worldwide product marketing at Cabletron Systems. "This demonstration further illustrates that our RoamAbout wireless solutions can enable bandwidth-intensive applications, such as Windows 2000, while providing users with the mobility to take their network with them, around the office, the campus, or the home."

    Cabletron's RoamAbout solutions include standards-based 11 Mbps (Wi-Fi ready) wireless products for both indoor and outdoor environments, including radio cards, a versatile access point, and a variety of antenna options. For more information on RoamAbout solutions, visit Cabletron's web site at Cabletron is a member of the Wireless LAN Alliance (WLANA) and the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA).

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