Celltrader.com Provides Free Wireless Stock Quotes

February 2000

Transform Your Mobile Phone or Pager Into a "Smart Device" and Receive Financial Information Anytime, Anywhere

    Free stock price updates throughout the day are available through Celltrader.com, a new web site dedicated to providing users with state-of-the-art wireless products and services. Using a wireless data feed, Celltrader.com transforms mobile phones, alphanumeric pagers, or wireless PDAs into "smart" devices, allowing consumers to receive price information for stocks listed on all major U.S. markets. Celltrader.com works with any telecommunications service provider.

    Celltrader.com is a satellite site of StockBrokers.com, an integrated network of financial information based web sites.

    By simply visiting www.celltrader.com, consumers can activate Celltrader.com's free service within minutes. Users then create a customized portfolio of stocks, and choose to receive price notifications at daily time intervals or specified price movements, as well as opening, mid-day, or closing prices. There is no limit to the number of stocks or markets that can be tracked or the frequency of updates. And in most cases, stock price updates and other data can be received directly through an existing mobile phone or pager.

    A Complete Communication and Informational Tool

    Celltrader.com can be programmed to forward reminder messages for meetings, personal occasions, or other scheduled activities. In addition, users can receive weather reports, news headlines, and sport scores. Celltrader.com is currently in negotiation to provide additional value-added services such as trading signals and futures and options prices.

    "The ability to stay in touch while traveling locally or over long distances through a mobile phone or other wireless device is priceless," says Robert Stein, president and CEO of StockBrokers.com. "Wireless communication represents the ultimate consumer convenience. Day-traders and others with a serious need for constant market updates shouldn't be without this free, easy-to-use service."

    The Next Step: Wireless Trading   

    Market updates are only part of the story, according to Stein, who envisions increasing numbers of online trading enthusiasts buying and selling stock directly from their wireless devices. "You're notified that your stock just skyrocketed, and you have the freedom to sell exactly when you want to. That's an undeniable benefit of wireless communication," says Stein. To help more consumers reap the rewards of wireless technology, Celltrader.com also provides ISP Services through GoAmerica, which allows users to access web-based information over today's wireless data networks using standard web browsers.

    "We want to open the doors for millions of Americans to utilize the technology that is available to them," says Stein. "Free stock quotes are only the beginning. For a monthly unlimited access fee, consumers can surf the web, conduct research, and buy or trade shares right from their wireless device...anytime of the day or night."