to offer WAP Compliant Wireless Internet Services Provides Transition Strategy from Legacy Phones to WAP Technology, a wireless Internet applications and services provider, today announced it is a new member of the global Nokia Artuse Developers Program which brings developers and Nokia operator customers together to offer WAP applications and other value-added services.'s wireless Internet applications link the mobile community to vital content on a real-time basis. All of's applications are available on a multi-lingual platform that allows users around the world to communicate in 12 languages including Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, English, Suomi and Dutch. Users are not only able to interact with the applications in their language of choice, they can also use different languages simultaneously. allows users to personalize any type of handheld device, including mobile phones, pagers and personal digital assistants, with highly personalized information such as bank and credit card balances, email and event schedules. guarantees a subscriber's privacy and security through the use of anonymous links. provides a transition strategy from legacy equipment to WAP technology by allowing communication to take place between WAP and legacy phones. Users are given complete freedom of choice to select any carrier or handheld device through the company's Web site.

    "Nokia is working with more than 100 developers around the world through our Nokia Artuse Developers program to help WAP application developers work with our carrier customers who are increasingly seeking commercial agreements with developers," said Pamela Ryan, business development manager, Nokia North America, Messaging Services Platforms. "Nokia's comprehensive WAP solution based on open platforms will help provide legacy mobile phone customers with a cost effective migration path to the wireless Internet," Ryan added.

    "As an active member of Nokia's Artuse Developers Program, we are able to optimize the performance of our applications by leveraging Nokia's WAP expertise," said Sundaram Natarajan president and chief executive officer of

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